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  SPECIAL REPORT: Battling bullying in the Chattahoochee Valley

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and steps are being taken in the Fountain City to put an end to it.

  SPECIAL REPORT: Fort Benning officials react to lead exposure cases on post with town hall

SPECIAL REPORT: Auburn Mayor Bill Ham

SPECIAL REPORT: Ham at the Helm

SPECIAL REPORT: A moment of transition

Special Report: Mayor of Columbus talks final months in office


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  SPECIAL REPORT: Faster fires

SPECIAL REPORT: Retirement from the road

SPECIAL REPORT: Run, hide, fight - 3 ways to survive

WTVM Special Report: Wrongly Accused

2016 Military holiday greetings for the Chattahoochee Valley

WXTX Special Report: Concussions

  SPECIAL REPORT: From Darkness to Hope

From Darkness to Hope Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 6 p.m./5 p.m. CT on News Leader 9. And join the conversation on social media by using #RedemptionRose.

WTVM Share Your Thanks by Giving 2016

News Leader 9, Fox 54, and Feeding the Valley are teaming up for our annual Share Your Thanks by Giving food drive.

  SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the Georgia Power Storm Center

We'll travel to Atlanta and go Inside the Georgia Power Storm Center, Tuesday, Nov. 1 on News Leader 9.

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Auburn basketball with Coach Bruce Pearl

Inside Auburn basketball with Coach Bruce Pearl - Friday, Nov. 11 at 6 p.m. on News Leader 9. #AuburnHoops

  SPECIAL REPORT: The High Cost Of Slow Justice

Special Report: From the bench to the gridiron

SPECIAL REPORT: 1-on-1 interview with Dr. Bernice King on The Dream Today

Special Report: Kids & Guns - does your child know what to do?

Reading labels an important step in buying dog food

WXTX Special Report: Not So Cheap Airfare

WXTX Special Report: Hotlanta Empire

Two weeks ago we took you behind closed doors of local music studios for an up close and personal look into the music world. This time we take another look at that struggle, only this time we're taking you to Atlanta where the stakes are even higher and find out what it takes to climb to the top in "Hotlanta Empire."

SPECIAL REPORT: Back-to-school on a budget

Back to School on a Budget, Wednesday, July 27 at 6p.m. on News Leader 9. And talk about it on social media by using #Back2SchoolDeals.

News Leader 9 On the Road 2016!

On Fridays this summer, News Leader 9 is taking our show on the road!  Beginning on Friday, July 8 at 5 p.m., our newscast will be criss-crossing the Chattahoochee Valley to visit our community, showcasing the best that they have to offer.

SPECIAL REPORT: Unclaimed baggage

Chuck Leonard take you treasure hunting at Unclaimed Baggage on Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m/ on News Leader 9. And join the conversation on social media by using #UnclaimedBaggage.


PTSD Relief - Thursday, July 21 at 10/9 central on News Leader 9 on Fox 54. And join the conversation on social media by using #PTSDRelief.

SPECIAL REPORT: Fentanyl abuse - drug dealers selling prescription drugs

Fentanyl abuse, Monday, July 11 at 6 p.m. on News Leader 9.

  SPECIAL REPORT: Home-schooled - how a personal touch leads to a child's success

Home-schooled, Thursday, J at 10/9 central, on News Leader 9 on Fox 54.  And join the conversation on social media by using #homeschooled.

SPECIAL REPORT: What are the signs of dry drowning?

Drowning can happen hours after they've toweled off and moved on to other things. It's called dry drowning - here is what it is and what you can do to keep your child safe.

2016 Billboard Music Awards on News Leader 9

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards will air Sunday, May 22 at 8 p.m. on WTVM News Leader 9 - and you can stay up-to-date with the winners and the performances here!

WTVM, ABC Network's Magic of Storytelling 2016

Disney and ABC have donated 50 million books to First Book and are celebrating this milestone by inviting viewers to join the fourth annual "Magic of Storytelling" campaign between now and March 31.

WTVM Special Report: A Murder Remembered

"How is this possible? How can human beings do this?"  A grizzly crime in East Alabama that I covered as a reporter 14 years ago ending here in these woods.

WXTX Special Report: Take the City

Imagine what could happen if hundreds of churches and organizations across the Chattahoochee Valley come together to love, serve and pray for their region. You don't have to imagine it because it's happening right here in Columbus.

WTVM Special Report: Charleston church shooting - survivors tell their story

Watch these two women tell their powerful story in "Inside the Charleston Church Shooting" - Thursday, Feb. 4 at 11 p.m./10 p.m. CST on WTVM News Leader 9.

Jason's March To The Marathon - Jan. 18: MLK and C25K

How did I get here? That's sometimes what goes through my mind as I'm out running, and wanting to stop. We all need motivation, whether you're a beginner runner or more experienced. This week, I used motivation from the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to get me through my training.

SPECIAL: 2016 National Championship - Crimson vs. Clemson

Before the national championship game kicks off, join Sports Leader 9's Dave Platta and Paul Stockman for an hour-long special - "Crimson vs. Clemson: Road to the Championship."

2015 Military holiday greetings for the Chattahoochee Valley

The Chattahoochee Valley is in the full-swing of the holiday season - and our active duty servicemembers want to send their love from abroad.  Each day leading up to Christmas, WTVM News Leader 9 will showcase a holiday greeting from a solider in our armed forces.

WTVM Special Report: Before the Crown

After more than six decades, the title of Miss America comes back to Georgia. Warner Robbins' own Betty Cantrell claimed the coveted crown last September, something that hadn't happened for a Miss Georgia since 1953.

WXTX Special Report: Mental Illness: Don't Look the Other Way

It's happened all over the country. Innocent lives taken by deranged gunmen. What's been done locally to help fight violence and mental illness?Mass shootings at the hands of deranged gunmen – is it becoming an epidemic in the US and abroad?

WTVM Special Report: The Next Bad Drug

As the war on drugs in the Chattahoochee Valley rages on, certain narcotics and moving up into the most abused and dangerous. We set out to investigate that list, plus how and where those illegal drugs are hitting our neighborhoods.

WTVM Share Your Thanks by Giving 2015

News Leader 9, Feeding the Valley and Action Buildings is teaming up for our annual Share Your Thanks by Giving food drive.

Mayor's Forum: Poverty Next Door - A Town Hall Meeting

Thursday night, WTVM and The Mayor's Commission on Diversity, Unity and Prosperity presented the 7th Annual Diversity Forum, live from the RiverCenter in Uptown Columbus.

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Carver High School

Carver High School Schedule

Northside High School

Northside High School Football Schedule 8/28Fri7:30 PMGHSA Northside@JordanKinnett 9/5Sat1:00 PMGHSA Spencer@NorthsideKinnett 9/11Fri7:30 PMGHSA Northside@Central-Carrollton 9/18Fri7:30 PMGHSA

Lanett High School Shows Off School Spirit

Lanett has Chambers County's only city school system, and it's known for its award-winning ROTC program. The rivalry between Lanett and LaFayette is also steeped in tradition, and the game is one students and faculty look forward to each year.

New Football Stadium For Chattachoochee Co. HS

This football season is the first time players and cheerleaders at Chattahoochee County High School can officially come home for home games.  In previous years, the 'home' games were held at other stadiums or they would play a series of 'away' games.

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Hometown Spirit: Russell County High School: Bouncing Back From The Storm

After suffering severe damage from last year's April tornado, Russell County High is bouncing back.

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Harris County Senior Football Players Get Fired Up for the Big Game

History is not on their side, but the Harris County High School football players says they're ready for Friday night's game against Hardaway.

Harris County Students Proud of Theatre Program

Our Hometown Spirit series continues with a look at one of the crown jewels of Harris County High School. We're giving you a front row seat to the best show in town!

Opelika High Collecting Tons Of Food For Homeless Dogs

One of the biggest rivalries in east Alabama is between Opelika and Auburn. Opelika High students use the showdown as motivation to raise food and supplies for homeless dogs.

The Man They Call "Trash Man"

One man's passion becomes a community's mission to keep the city clean.

Barbeque-The Best Butts In Alabama

Once again, News Leader Nine finds the best barbecue in the town.

The Historic Windsor Hotel

The historic Windsor Hotel maitains it's Victorian decor and Southern hospitality.

AuburnBank Has Historic Ties To City

AuburnBank was founded in 1907 and has been a vital part of the city's history. It even saved the Auburn University football team from missing a season.

Opelika Boasts "Real" Haunted House

Opelika's Parks and Recreation department owns an old home with a violent past. It's believed the original owner still haunts the place more than 150 years after his murder.

Auburn High School Big On Academics, Athletics

Newsweek ranks Auburn one of its top high schools every year for its college-level programs. The Tigers are just as tough on the field as in the classroom, and they can't wait for this year's game against Opelika.

The Rylander Theatre

The old historic Rylander Theatre still takes center stage.

Pacelli High School Has Hometown Spirit

As our Hometown Spirit series continues, students at Pacelli High School are talking about what makes their school stand out.

Brookstone and Pacelli to Battle It Out Over The Jug

It may not look like much, but one unlikely trophy holds decades of bragging rights in the rivalry between Brookstone and Pacelli High Schools.

Brookstone Star Football Players are Also Star Students

It's not always easy for teenagers to juggle sports, and other extracurricular activities, and still make good grades.  But the seniors on Brookstone's football team aren't just star athletes, they're also star students.

Some Energy Drinks Contain More Than Just Caffeine

It's no secret that energy drinks are really popular among teens. But we're guessing that a lot of parents out there don't know that there's a whole new crop of energy drinks that don't just give you a boost..they can even give you a buzz.

Sanitation worker Elmore Nickelberry remembers the strike

The year was 1968.  Just four years after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, guaranteeing equal protection for all races under the law, Memphis was in turmoil.

Emily Yellin continues family tradition of documenting the civil rights movement

Though people of every race now support the work of the SCLC, it wasn't always that way.  There were only a handful of whites who joined forces with civil rights leaders four decades ago. One family, transplants to the Mid-South, not only joined the cause, but devoted their lives to it.  Now their daughter is doing the same.

Civil rights icon says much must still be done

The Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles has been part of the civil rights movement for more than five-decades.

Former teacher recalls guiding students during turbulent 1968

As a teacher living in the Mid-South in 1968, Hattye Yarbrough watched the events taking place in Memphis from a distance.

King's children remember the life and death of their father

It's a memory close to Bernice King's heart...the kissing game. After long trips away from home, Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. would call out his children's names. Each child had a designated spot to kiss

SCLC works to eliminate 'triple evils' defined by Dr. King

Today, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which Dr. King founded, continues to fight against racism, poverty, and violence.

Two Mothers Winning The Battle Against Breast Cancer

Two mothers encourage others to perform self breast examinations.

Famous Restaurant in Chattahoochee County

There's a restaurant in Chattahoochee County that's home to the famous Ranger Burger.  The burger is so famous, some Hollywood celebrities have stopped by to taste them for themselves.

Stewart County Best Kept Secret

Providence canyon is known as the little grand canyon, and people in Stewart County say it's Georgia's best kept secret.  The canyon is believed to be between 150 and 160 years old.

Northside Teacher Cadets Get A Real Life Look At What It Takes To Educate

For many high school students, figuring out what they want to do with their lives can be a tough decision. But that's not a problem for students in the Northside High Teacher Cadet program.

A Closer Look At Over 100 Years Of History At Columbus High

With so much history, Columbus High has stood as a symbol of the community for more than a century. Many Columbus families have three or more generations of Blue Devil graduates, and have witnessed the school's many changes over the years.

Academics and Athletics Soar Above All The Rest at Columbus High

Over its long history, Columbus High has set the gold standard locally for both academics and athletics.  News Leader Nine takes a look at the continuing dominance of Columbus High and how that's breeding lots of Hometown Spirit.

Northside's Engineering Magnet Program Attracts the Best and Brightest Mathematical Minds

Over the past few years, Northside's Engineering Magnet Program has drawn some of the best and brightest mathematical minds to the school. Their pride in the program shows off Northside's Hometown Spirit.

Hometown Spirit: Central High's Coach Deploys To Iraq

We're taking you on and off the field this football season with our special series, Hometown Spirit. This, week we're talking about the people and places behind Central and Eufaula high schools, and their communities.