Liquid blood, urine found inside 42,000-year-old foal scientist hope to clone

Airline employee pleads guilty to working as agent for Chinese government

  Woman has baby days after having a stroke

  Two months after the funeral, family still waiting for mother to be buried

  Trump tried to choke Russia probe, oust Mueller, report says

WATCH: 96-year-old dancing nana still has the moves

Continued Coverage

  Doorbell camera captures woman crying for help on stranger’s front porch

  Short-circuit ‘likely caused’ Notre Dame fire

Carl’s Jr. testing CBD burger in Colorado - at one store, for one day

BMW adds nearly 185,000 vehicles to recall over fire risk

Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years

  ‘I been killing his kind,’ says man during racist rant at AT&T

Facebook uploaded 1.5 million users’ email lists without their knowledge

A Facebook spokesperson said the firm did not realize this was happening until April of this year.

  Man leaps into West Virginia river to save bear cub from drowning

When the Barkleys entered the forest, a park ranger warned them that a black bear cub, abandoned by its mother, had been seen somewhere in the vicinity.

  Doctors develop possible cure for ‘bubble boy’ disease using gene therapy

Eight children were treated with an experimental gene therapy to help restore their immune systems. About two years later, all are doing well, and doctors believe this could be a cure.

  Girl dies 13 years after father shook her as newborn; dad charged in her death

An autopsy determined the teenager died of complications from a seizure disorder she had lived with since her father shook his then-newborn daughter in 2005.

  Mueller report release spirals into political gamesmanship

  NKorea says it tested new weapon, wants Pompeo out of talks

  Missing diver who helped save Thai soccer team rescued from Tennessee cave

  Wisconsin man swings light bulb at officer, shatters it on arm, authorities say

  Suspect killed man in front of 2 babies in NC drug deal, authorities say

  Man arrested carrying gas cans into New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Gambler sets another 1-day winnings record on ‘Jeopardy!’

James Holzhauer won $131,127 during a show aired Wednesday night, breaking the record that viewers saw him set last week.

Some of Samsung’s new folding phones are already breaking

Journalists who received the phones to review before the public launch said the Galaxy Fold screen started flickering and turning black before completely fizzling out.

  Video shows utility worker narrowly escape death when downed wire bursts into flames

Police dashcam video shows a New Jersey utility worker survive a brush with death.

Norwegian police save Westeros, ‘arrest’ the Night King

Law enforcement said it had received reports of a man in the north involved in criminal activity.

  Post-traumatic stress therapy involving eye movement helps soldiers and civilians

There’s a new type of therapy to help with post-traumatic stress, as the suicide rate among veterans suffering from PTS continues to rise in the U.S.

  North Korea says it test-fired new tactical guided weapon

Kim Jong Un called it an “event of very weighty significance.”

Eating one slice of bacon a day linked to high colorectal cancer risk, study says

"Our results strongly suggest that people who eat red and processed meat four or more times a week have a higher risk of developing bowel cancer than those who eat red and processed meat less than twice a week," researchers say

Florida man attacks neighbors with frying pan, lamp pole, deputies say

Gerald Lee Thornton Jr. is charged with aggravated battery after attacking neighbors with a frying pan and a lamp pole, deputies said.

  Easter 2019: It’s an $18 billion holiday

Americans are expected to spend more than $18 billion for the holiday, on everything from candy and clothing to gifts, flowers and food.

  Young woman obsessed with Columbine takes own life; may have been planning attack

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader said 18-year-old Sol Pais was discovered by the FBI with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  Official: Notre Dame faced ‘chain-reaction collapse’ in fire

Notre Dame Cathedral would have burned to the ground in a “chain-reaction collapse” had firefighters not moved as rapidly as they did to battle the blaze racing through the beloved landmark building, a French government official said Wednesday.

Prosecutors say they intend to release Robert Kraft day spa video

Kraft's legal team filed an emergency motion in response to block the release.

Baby T. rex fossil up for auction on eBay

Scientists and other critics are calling the listing a disgrace, arguing the fossil should remain in the public trust so it can continue to be studied

University student dies after falling off cliff in Ozark National Forest

Andrea Norton was a triple major at Briar Cliff University. She was 20 years old.

Couple rescued from crocodile swamp after writing ‘help’ in mud

Colen Nulgit and Shantelle Johnson were fishing when they got trapped in the swamp.

  Peru ex-President Alan García dead after shooting himself

Police were trying to detain the former president amid corruption allegations.

  Feds arrest 60 people in illegal prescription opioid crackdown

Authorities say the 60 people arrested include 53 medical professionals tied to some 350,000 prescriptions and 32 million pills.

  65-year-old Florida woman fights off half-naked attacker with bat

It was early Sunday morning when Clarese Gainey said that she heard a noise outside her Gainesville, FL, apartment. She peaked out her window to see a large man trying to break into her car, while only wearing his boxers.

Dog rescued after swimming 135 miles offshore in Thailand

With no indication of how Boonrod got there, workers said he was able to hitch a ride back to land on a nearby oil tanker

Strong storms rumble across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

Severe thunderstorms rumbled across North Texas, the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas, producing several tornadoes and unleashing widespread hail.

FDA bans sales of transvaginal mesh amid safety concerns

Surgical mesh has been used by surgeons since the 1950s to repair abdominal hernias, according to the FDA

Jussie Smollett case: Prosecutor questioned overcharging ‘washed up celeb’

Kim Foxx describes the embattled Smollett as a "washed up celeb who lied to cops" in messages to her staff.

  Driver lying about carjacking, says mother of Georgia girl hit by car while playing in front yard

The driver, Gabriel Fordham, said he lost control of the vehicle after he was carjacked. Charlotte Bolton, the girl’s mother, said nothing of the sort happened.

  WATCH: Pack of dog-like robots pulls delivery truck

Boston Dynamics says the SpotMini will be available soon for a variety of applications.

  Buttigieg handles anti-gay hecklers during Iowa rally

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg brushed off anti-gay chants from some hecklers who interrupted his Iowa events Tuesday.

Alaska high school student expelled for kneeing boy in groin in girls bathroom, her family says

School officials say a group of boys tried to enter the girls restroom as a "form of protest" over a bathroom selfie by a transgender student, and a female student leaving kneed one of them in the groin.

  ‘It’s incredible how they’re alive’: Family narrowly escapes as car crashes into CA restaurant

Police believe the driver simply lost control of the car, and no charges were filed.

  80-year-old Florida man wrangles massive alligator in his backyard

According to wildlife experts, alligator sightings will likely increase in the near future, as mating season is approaching.

  Good Samaritan stops child kidnapping suspect from escaping

A mother’s 2-year-old child is safe after a stranger grabbed him on the streets of San Francisco. Luckily, a quick-thinking good Samaritan prevented the suspect from getting away.

Jeopardy! record-breaker brings total winnings past half a million dollars

Professional sports gambler James Holzahuer's total winnings now stand at $566,660.

  ’It is peace’: Robotic pets bring calm to assisted living patients

“When a person is in a room by themselves basically, it’s nice to have something that you feel is there with you."

  Police: Don’t give out too much information on bumper stickers

Police have a warning: the bumper stickers you put on your car, might make you a target for criminals

Fake-smiling at work makes you drink more at home, study reveals

Is the sauce becoming your boss? This study may tell you why.

Detained asylum seekers who clear ‘credible fear’ standard cannot seek release on bond, AG determines

Typically, an asylum seeker who crosses between ports of entry would have the right to ask a judge to grant them bond for release. Under the new ruling, they will have to wait in detention until their case is adjudicated.

Trump vetoes measure to end US involvement in Yemen war

Congress lacks the votes to override the president's veto.

  Husband accused of beating wife to death after bonding out of jail on domestic assault charge

Court documents say that “after being released on April 9, the defendant approached the victim of the domestic assault 4th charge and repeatedly struck her in the head.”

  Woman made threats against Columbine High School, FBI says

Sol Pais traveled to Colorado on Monday night and made threats against the schools, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the FBI said.

  Endangered orcas dying off along West Coast over lack of food

Experts say southern resident orcas are dying out along the West Coast. Because they’re so malnourished, they likely won’t be able to successfully reproduce.

Modern family: Eagles’ nest has 2 dads, 1 mom and 3 eaglets

A trio of bald eagles is raising three eaglets together at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge in northwestern Illinois.

Ben & Jerry’s issues partial recall of 2 flavors over undeclared nuts

Ben & Jerry’s has recalled a limited quantity of two flavors because they could contain nuts that aren’t declared in the ingredient lists or allergy information lists on the packages.

  Suspect in attack on boy at Mall of America held on $2M bail

Emmanuel Aranda is charged with attempted premediated first-degree murder in Friday's attack.

Texas man offered $200 to beat transgender woman, police say

Thomas was being held Tuesday at the Dallas County jail on a charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.

  French president wants Notre Dame rebuilt ‘even more beautiful’ within five years

Officials consider the fire an accident, possibly as a result of restoration work at the global architectural treasure that survived almost 900 years of tumultuous French history.

Park rangers find thousands of glass shards along Sleeping Bear Dunes beach

Authorities are trying to find out who spread the glass on the beach.

  Texas family thrown from home during tornado, survives

Only one family member needed medical attention, and that child was treated and released.

  New Samsung phone: Innovation hinges on folding screen

Is the Galaxy Fold a gimmick to help sell more smartphones in a slowing market or a true breakthrough that will change how we use our devices?

  Trump attacks Russia probe ‘con job’ as fuller report looms

He unleashed a series of tweets Monday focusing on the previously released summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's conclusions — including a crucial one on obstruction of justice that Trump again misrepresented — produced by Attorney General William Barr.

  US deports spouse of fallen soldier, brings him back

Jose Gonzalez Carranza was arrested at his Phoenix home last week and taken to Mexico days later. His 12-year-old daughter was left behind.

  Woman arrested for teaching while drunk at a Kentucky middle school

The teacher cussed at students, told them to 'shut up,' and put her head on the desk and went to sleep.

  QB Russell Wilson is staying in Seattle, becomes highest paid player in NFL history

The $140 million contract goes through the 2023 season, and makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history, according to ESPN.

New York’s Milk Bar renames ‘Crack Pie’ to something less offensive

The famous pie, served at the New York-based bakery Milk Bar, will change its name, according to the bakery's founder.

Walmart launches subscription delivery apparel box for kids’ clothes

The new Walmart KIDBOX stylebox will be available for sizes 0 to 14 for girls and 0 to 16 for boys, and includes a range of items, from sweaters and denim to dresses and graphic t-shirts.

Attacker poses as deliveryman, shoots woman with crossbow when she answers the door

Police say the hitman shot the woman with an arrow designed for animals like deer.

  Inmate dies from undiagnosed leukemia in Missouri cell

Lamar Catchings was found unresponsive in his jail cell March 1.

  Is your money safe? Tips for safely using peer-to-peer payment apps

Apps like Venmo and Zelle are quickly replacing cash. Some 76 million people use peer-to-peer apps. Here’s how to stay safe.

  Oklahoma mother accused of forcing children to eat dog feces in ‘extreme case of child neglect’

Authorities say if the alleged abuse hadn’t been reported, the two young children would likely be dead.

  AP source: Officials consider new penalty for visa overstays

The administration could introduce new travel restrictions on nationals from countries with high numbers of citizens who overstay short-term visas.

Mondelēz Global LLC announces limited voluntary recall on Chewy Chips Ahoy

Consumers who have these products should not eat them.