Military Matters

  MILITARY MATTERS: Inside look at school on Fort Benning facing protests

Next week, a potentially large group will gather at Fort Benning to protest the former School of the Americas, on the 30th anniversary of an event that prompted the annual rallies: the Central American University massacre.

Fort Benning being proactive about noise and smoke concerns

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  Military Matters: NC Marines practice with robotic targets

We have all heard that it is hard to hit a moving target, but it never hurts to train for that situation, especially for those in the military.

  Military Matters: Army making changes to PT

Changes to the way the Army keeps its troops in shape are on their way.

Military Matters: Fourth of July fireworks may trigger PTSD for vets

While fireworks can bring joy and fun for some on the Fourth of July, it can also bring stress and anxiety for some of our veterans.