WTVM Editorial 11-19-19: Hunger can be helped

Around this time of year, we ask our viewers to help us gather non-perishable food to donate to the area’s premier food bank: Feeding the Valley.

  WTVM Editorial 11-5-19: Victory Over Violence

With the alarming and almost constant news of shootings, murders and other acts of violence in parts of our community, we at WTVM decided to make a sustained effort to examine this deeply rooted problem.

  WTVM Editorial 10-22-19: Empower boys to be men

A first-of-its-kind Men’s Empowerment Breakfast last week provided many inspiring messages, especially aimed at young men, one of which was, “You cannot be what you cannot see.”

  WTVM Editorial 10-17-19: Dangerous patterns

The sad case of Trillisha Williams, of Columbus, who was recently shot in the face and remains in critical condition, should be understood as a cautionary tale about domestic violence.

  WTVM Editorial 10-1-19: 105 years of wisdom

We want to salute a truly amazing woman from Smiths Station, Alabama who was born just as the first shot was fired in World War 1.

  WTVM Editorial 9-24-19: Strong as ICE

It’s a certainty that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, is here to stay.

  WTVM Editorial 9-17-19: Remembering the Heroes

It should not take the occasion of the annual remembrance of 9/11 to give first responders some extra love.

  WTVM Editorial 9-3-19: Remembering Beauregard

As we live through another summer hurricane season, the effects of severe weather can never be underestimated or glossed over.

  WTVM Editorial 8-27-19: A new way to hire

There are plenty of more down-to-earth duties police officers perform every day to keep us safe, and those duties require a special kind of person with excellent character.

  WTVM Editorial 8-20-19: A Gun for Self-Defense

A dramatic jewelry store robbery last week in Phenix City, all caught on surveillance video, demonstrates the value of a responsible gun owner acting in self-defense.

  WTVM Editorial 8-15-19: Calling for Kinetic Scholar Athlete nominations

It’s time for school to begin and that means it’s time to encourage our students of all ages to grow into adulthood as educated, positive and productive citizens.

  WTVM EDITORIAL 8-7-19: Being a role model

So many people dream of being a Super Bowl superstar. Others dream of being a game show host, winning an EMMY as an Outstanding Talk Show host, writing a best-selling book or creating a popular fashion line. Well, one man did all those things.

  WTVM Editorial: 7-30-19 Shameful behavior

Two recent public arguments in Georgia captured on cellphone video, both escalated to out-and-out brawls that included life-threatening behavior.

  WTVM Editorial 7-23-19: Distracted driving kills

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Georgia’s Hands-Free Law took effect, banning drivers from holding or using their cell phones while driving unless they use hands-free technology.

  WTVM Editorial 7-16-19: Flag is not political

This week, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. It was – and still is – an amazing feat of human intelligence, bravery and dedication.

  WTVM Editorial 7-10-19: Educate on drownings

It’s completely heart-breaking that six year old Jeremiah Henderson drowned in the Chattahoochee River in Columbus. There is nothing as devastating as losing a child, no matter how it happens.

  WTVM Editorial 6-25-19: High expectations

One of the most inspiring stories this graduation season centered around a young man who rose from poverty to play Division 1 College football, get his college degree, then a Rhodes Scholarship and is now an author - all this, at age 25.

  WTVM Editorial 6-17-19: Boycott hypocrisy

A-list and D-list celebrities alike, want to punish Georgia’s 92,000 production company workers, who are just trying to make a living on the set, because of politics.

  WTVM Editorial 6-7-19: History Lesson

If recent surveys are correct, most Americans don’t know why we entered World War II, nor can they name any of the rights protected in any constitutional amendment.

  WTVM Editorial 5-31-19: The Most Deadly Call

There are a lot of debatable statistics when it comes to police officers and shootings, but there is one statistic that is a cold, hard fact.

  WTVM Editorial 5-23-19: Pay Raises Worth It

With the country at large currently enjoying 3.6% unemployment, the lowest rate since 1969, finding qualified workers is getting tougher.

  WTVM Editorial 5-14-19: Deputy for a Day

Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff takes a positive approach to teaching kids about law enforcement by teaching students in his Junior Deputy Program.

  WTVM Editorial 5-7-19: Two Amazing Women

Two important, trailblazing women were both in the news in the past few weeks, but you might not know their names.

  WTVM Editorial 4-29-19: Get Vaccinated!

With more new cases of Measles now identified in Georgia and the possibility of new cases in Alabama, it deserves to be stated again: vaccinations are safe and effective.

  WTVM Editorial 4-26-19: More security for Columbus students

Congratulations to the Muscogee County School Board and Superintendent David Lewis for hiring a school district police chief to meet the goal of stronger and more consistent security for Columbus area students.

  WTVM Editorial 4-19-19: Gymnast is an inspiration

By now you may have seen the gruesome video making the rounds on the internet of the brave Auburn gymnast who dislocated both knees and suffered excruciating pain during a recent floor routine, which included an ambitious handspring into a very difficult landing that went horribly wrong.

  WTVM Editorial 4-11-19: Unnecessary bill

One Georgia lawmaker is proposing legislation that would do lasting harm to those of us who gather the news to keep you informed.

  WTVM Editorial 3-29-19: Too many to thank

Over two weeks have passed since deadly tornadoes ripped through Lee County, Alabama and Harris County, Georgia.

  WTVM Editorial 2-28-19: Runaways and Social Media

We’ve been putting out more news alerts lately about missing teenagers with what seems like more frequency.

  WTVM Editorial 2-19-19: Youth of the Year Awards

This year and each year, WTVM News Leader 9 had the privilege and honor of helping sponsor the Youth of the Year Award ceremonies for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley.

  WTVM Editorial 2-8-19: Off-Stage Lessons

There’s something wonderful happening in Columbus, thanks to the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts and the performers of Ballet Hispanico.

  WTVM Editorial 2-8-19: Late-Term Abortions

Abortion - there is probably no political, legal or moral issue that could be as polarizing, in an already polarized country, than abortion.

  WTVM Editorial 1-18-19: Let men be men

In this age of identity politics, people get labeled and divided up into specific identity groups: such as liberals and conservatives, gays and straight to name a few.

  WTVM Editorial 1-10-19: Remembering Lieutenant

Lieutenant Stevens died last week at 87, famous for being the cook extraordinaire at Dinglewood Pharmacy, the man who perfected the scramble dog.

  WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Social media shame

Watching a talented young man like Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray win the Heisman Trophy makes you realize what a singular achievement it is - attained by very few, highly successful athletes.

  WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Shop small this Christmas

East Alabama Chamber of Commerce reminds us to “Shop Small” by patronizing local small businesses rather than big chains or internet retailers this holiday season.

  WTVM Editorial 12-14-18: Join our toy drive

The Christmas and Hanukkah season is a wonderful time of the year, when giving gifts brings delight to all of us and reminds us of being children, anxiously and hopefully waiting for a special holiday surprise!

  WTVM Editorial 12-11-18: Red Devils Coach “Finish”

In a game seen right here, live, on WTVM last Wednesday, the Red Devils of Phenix City’s Central High looked heavenly versus their opponents from Birmingham.

  WTVM Editorial 11/14/18: Learn and remember

I was honored to recently tour the brand new National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery.

  WTVM Editorial 11/14/18: No “National Popular Vote”

Have you ever seen those “man-on-the-street” interviews, where late night comedians ask people if they know who the vice president is?

  WTVM Editorial 10/31/18: Critical thinking

If you’re tired of hearing news stories or political statements that make you angry, anxious, confused or overly emotional, you do have a way to fight it: it’s called critical thinking.