WTVM Editorial 4-11-19: Unnecessary bill

One Georgia lawmaker is proposing legislation that would do lasting harm to those of us who gather the news to keep you informed.

  WTVM Editorial 3-29-19: Too many to thank

Over two weeks have passed since deadly tornadoes ripped through Lee County, Alabama and Harris County, Georgia.

  WTVM Editorial 2-28-19: Runaways and Social Media

We’ve been putting out more news alerts lately about missing teenagers with what seems like more frequency.

  WTVM Editorial 2-19-19: Youth of the Year Awards

This year and each year, WTVM News Leader 9 had the privilege and honor of helping sponsor the Youth of the Year Award ceremonies for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley.

  WTVM Editorial 2-8-19: Off-Stage Lessons

There’s something wonderful happening in Columbus, thanks to the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts and the performers of Ballet Hispanico.

  WTVM Editorial 2-8-19: Late-Term Abortions

Abortion - there is probably no political, legal or moral issue that could be as polarizing, in an already polarized country, than abortion.

  WTVM Editorial 1-18-19: Let men be men

In this age of identity politics, people get labeled and divided up into specific identity groups: such as liberals and conservatives, gays and straight to name a few.

  WTVM Editorial 1-10-19: Remembering Lieutenant

Lieutenant Stevens died last week at 87, famous for being the cook extraordinaire at Dinglewood Pharmacy, the man who perfected the scramble dog.

  WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Social media shame

Watching a talented young man like Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray win the Heisman Trophy makes you realize what a singular achievement it is - attained by very few, highly successful athletes.

  WTVM Editorial 12-19-18: Shop small this Christmas

East Alabama Chamber of Commerce reminds us to “Shop Small” by patronizing local small businesses rather than big chains or internet retailers this holiday season.

  WTVM Editorial 12-14-18: Join our toy drive

The Christmas and Hanukkah season is a wonderful time of the year, when giving gifts brings delight to all of us and reminds us of being children, anxiously and hopefully waiting for a special holiday surprise!

  WTVM Editorial 12-11-18: Red Devils Coach “Finish”

In a game seen right here, live, on WTVM last Wednesday, the Red Devils of Phenix City’s Central High looked heavenly versus their opponents from Birmingham.

  WTVM Editorial 11/14/18: Learn and remember

I was honored to recently tour the brand new National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery.

  WTVM Editorial 11/14/18: No “National Popular Vote”

Have you ever seen those “man-on-the-street” interviews, where late night comedians ask people if they know who the vice president is?

  WTVM Editorial 10/31/18: Critical thinking

If you’re tired of hearing news stories or political statements that make you angry, anxious, confused or overly emotional, you do have a way to fight it: it’s called critical thinking.

  WTVM Editorial 10/30/19: A thank you for Michael relief

You know you live in a great community when enough hurricane relief donations to fill an entire moving truck were donated in just two and a half days!

  WTVM Editorial 10/16/18: When Kanye met Trump

Maybe you saw the epic Oval Office meeting between rapper/designer and self-proclaimed genius Kanye West and President Trump.

  WTVM Editorial 10/16/18: Dr. Wilkes is #1

id you know that the state of Alabama’s best school superintendent is Phenix City’s Randy Wilkes?

  WTVM Editorial 10/9/18: Red Cross Day of Giving

In just one day, over the course of just several hours, you came to the rescue in our “Day of Giving” Telethon for the American Red Cross, to support people still struggling with the destructive, life-altering reality of Hurricane Florence.

WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Hire officers now

The Muscogee County School District is dealing with each one quickly and professionally, but the fact these three scary situations occurred within a few days of each other is disturbing.

  WTVM Editorial 10/1/18: Live TV unites us

There are very few events these days that can draw the attention of most of the nation, all at the same time.

  WTVM Editorial 9/25/18: Exceptional man

The book “First Man” is a triumph for its author, too, a retired Auburn history professor named James Hansen.

  WTVM Editorial 9/25/18: Escape domestic violence

Actress and domestic violence activist Robin Givens spoke last week in Columbus to support Hope Harbour

  WTVM Editorial 9/19/18: Amazing Columbus

Columbus plans for jobs to come to the Chattahoochee Valley.

  WTVM Editorial 9/19/18: Hurricane Unity

The same week that we marked the 17th anniversary of 9-11, probably the biggest trauma for the nation in modern times, Hurricane Florence began her rush at the Carolina coastline.

  WTVM Editorial 9/10/18: 'The Last Movie Star'

The Last Movie Star. That is the actual title of Burt Reynolds' last movie.

  WTVM Editorial 9/10/18: Anonymous sources

With so much happening in the news lately involving anonymous sources, I thought it would be worth clarifying where we stand on the subject.

  WTVM Editorial 9/4/18: Sweeping the streets

We report, maybe too often, about crime. Violent crime, property crime, crimes against children, shootings, stabbings, and beatings.

  WTVM Editorial 9/4/18: Time to be UNITED

It's that time of year again, the time for kick-offs. But I don't want to talk about high school or college football kick-offs…let's put the United Way Campaign kick-off in the spotlight!

  WTVM Editorial 8/27/18: The correct vote

Randolph County has only 7,800 residents according to the last US Census and until last week most Americans couldn't find it on a map.

  WTVM Editorial 8/27/18: Media trust must be earned

A new study by the Poynter Institute, a non-profit school for journalism and media research, shows that when it comes to who you trust to report the news, there is a cavernous divide between National News and Local News.

  WTVM Editorial 8/20/18: How to teach tolerance

You may have heard about the "Drag Queen Story Hour" held last weekend in Columbus.

  WTVM Editorial 8/20/18: CSU: The Movie Star

It's exciting to see Columbus State University get bigger and better with each passing year.

  WTVM Editorial 8/13/18: Veterans deserve better

Our veterans joined one of the military branches for many reasons: duty, a desire to serve others, patriotism, or to belong to a stable organization, or maybe just to feel a sense of purpose in life.

  WTVM Editorial 8/13/18: Back to school

If you're a parent, you don't need anyone to tell you your life has once again changed dramatically - all because school is now back in session.

WTVM Editorial 8/6/18: Our Korean connection

Last week's release of soldiers' remains from North Korea and the large display of the rows and rows of flag-draped coffins was a sad yet amazing sight.

  WTVM Editorial 8/6/18: Teach the value of life

As I wrote this editorial, there have been seven fatal shootings in our wide coverage area since July 23.

  WTVM Editorial 7/27/18: The right Columbus

There are 19 cities named Columbus in 18 states (Wisconsin has two cities named Columbus!) It's a popular and historic city name.

  WTVM Editorial 7/27/18: Opelika's 'no-brainer'

The country's economy is now growing at a rate of 4.1 percent.

  WTVM Editorial 7/21/2018: Slow down and live

If you could get a 35 percent raise, a 35 percent discount or a 35 percent return on an investment, we bet you would do it.

  WTVM Editorial 7/21/18: A waitress fights back

There's a story out of Savannah that's gone viral...it involves an altercation in a restaurant, between a waitress and a customer.