Columbus father seeking justice nearly 30 years after 3 daughters found dead in house fire

Columbus father seeking justice nearly 30 years after 3 daughters found dead in house fire

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus father said he’s still seeking justice nearly 30 years after his three daughters were found dead in a house fire.

Officials said the case has been re-opened which could possibly lead to some closure for the family.

“They were my life. They didn’t even have a chance at life,” said Wayne McMillan.

It was early April of 1992 when fire crews responded to a house fire on 4th Street in Columbus. Fast forward 30 years later, and there’s still no information on the cause of the fire. The children, five-year-old Samantha, three-year-old Patricia, and 18-month-old Ashley are believed to have died in the fire. McMillan said there are discrepancies in the coroner’s report leading him to believe there’s foul play.

Coroner Donald Kilgore stated all the girls died in the fire, but didn’t sign the death certificate stating Ashley died due to the fire.

“In a case like this you want to do a thorough investigation to be fair to all parties involved. First of all, the children would have gone up to the GBI for an autopsy,” said Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan.

“It was something about her throat was closed up. So that tells me that somebody smothered her,” said McMillan.

He said he believes the girls’ mother’s husband, who he said live in Marion County, is responsible for the fire and the deaths of the children.

“I mean I was trying to cope with this for 30 some odd years and then she brought it back up that he killed her. He’s going around telling folks in Marion County that he killed my kids,” said McMillan.

Officials said the case is now re-opened and under investigation after new requests for information in the case from the mother of the children.

“My administrative assistant made me aware that the case is under investigation by the Columbus Police Department,” explained Bryan.

There are a lot of moving parts in the investigation including documentation in the report stating there were padlocks placed on the outside of the home that were found locked after the fire. There are also witness reports from neighbors alluding to foul play.

Nearly 30 years later, the father said he’s just hoping he can get answers soon. The Columbus Police Department said there are no suspects in custody.

“I need justice. I want Justice. I don’t give a dang, who goes to jail, but I want justice,” said McMillan.

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