Trash in two of Columbus’ biggest parks causing concern for residents

Trash in two of Columbus’ biggest parks causing concern for residents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - They are two of the biggest and busiest parks in Columbus: Cooper Creek and Flat Rock parks. Now, social media posts are shedding light on problems some have with how clean those parks are.

The original Facebook post in the Columbus Concerned Citizens Forum commented on the large amount of trash at Cooper Creek, and at Flat Rock as well. Comments placed the blame not on the city, but on the park’s users.

Columbus has 52 public parks for residents to enjoy, Cooper Creek and Flat Rock happen to be two of the biggest and the most used.

Deputy Director of Columbus Parks and Recreation Becky Glisson said, “I don’t think... there should not be an overwhelming amount of trash in any of the parks.” Columbus Parks and Recreation leaders said trash is picked up five days a week.

“We have 13 correction officers that have 5-6 parks a piece that they patrol,” Glisson said. “The first job they’re there to do is police it with their inmates and pull up all the trash. Then we have a trash truck driver that comes through daily and picks up the trash. This is done on a continuous cycle through all the parks. Trash is picked up at every single park every single day.”

Although no one at either of the parks would share their opinion on camera today, people commenting on Facebook blame lazy park-goers in Columbus for not properly throwing away their trash.

“Just the random few that do it,” Glisson said, “and of course as a parks and rec agency we wish they wouldn’t.”

Parks and Recreation knows this is not a new trend.

“We at parks and rec wish they would value our parks,” Glisson said, “and not try to destroy our parks. But that’s nationwide that’s not something inclusive to Columbus.”

Glisson said Columbus has asked for some reinforcement though. “We have asked the police department [and] sheriffs office to ride through there periodically.”

Columbus Parks and Recreation said if you see a large amount of trash at any of their parks, give them a call so they can check if the trash truck has come by on that day.

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