Rally in Columbus pushes for peace after ‘violent past few months’

Rally in Columbus pushes for peace after ‘violent past few months’

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A rally was held in Columbus Wednesday to encourage the community to “push for peace."

"This is a very scary time for our city. We’re on the brink of either greatness or complete and total meltdown and disaster,” said Push 4 Peace Organizer Chris Kelley.

Kelley says crime is a problem that needs to be addressed in the Columbus community. Kelley along with a number of those in Columbus, are taking to the streets with signs in hand to let their message be clear.

"We decided to issue a call to arms so to speak. Let’s push back and let’s push. Let's take our city back,” explained Kelley.

Organizers said this comes after a list of shootings within the past few months. Columbus is sitting at 32 homicides for 2018. Two of those shootings happened on Macon Road. In 2017, Columbus saw 43 homicides. Organizers at this rally said although those numbers are down, they’re hoping to do everything they can to lower those numbers even more.

“Crime really and truly doesn’t pay. It really isn’t cliché. It’s something that is really serious. Look what’s happening,” said Kelley.

They’re hoping this effort addresses what they call a plague on the city. They said in addition to the rallies, they’re planning to go into schools to talk to children on the importance of awareness, and they want the entire community’s support.

“It’s a human issue. Anytime you have babies getting hurt and killed, it goes beyond race, color or anything. We just want peace and we want people to understand why it’s necessary,” said rally attendee George McDonald.

Organizers said they will continue to hold these rallies every Wednesday on Macon Road and possibly other places. They said they’re also looking to include law enforcement in the effort to bring numbers for violence down.

“This movement needs everyone. This is a community thing. We all have to live in this community and we have to live in this community together,” said McDonald.

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