Increase in armed robberies around Columbus convenience stores

Increase in armed robberies around Columbus convenience stores

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - People visit local convenience stores at all times of the day but there has been a number of armed robberies in Columbus and law enforcement has a warning on what to look out for.

Police say it is that time of year where thieves are on the lookout for anyone vulnerable to an armed robbery, often seeking convenience stores as a target.

Say you are going into work early in the morning or getting off from an overnight shift, you may stop at a convenience store for gas or a snack.

They say if you drive up to a store and see someone standing outside like they are looking out for people, someone may be inside robbing the store and it is not recommended to enter.

Several stores were robbed in one day within hours of each other.

“Normally the reason they are hitting the convenience stores because they look at that as an easy target and, like I said, they are standing around and looking at the store and when they see a clerk in there by themselves and they will go in and do what they came here to do, commit the robbery or whatever as opposed to going to let’s say a grocery store where there’s 20-30 people," said Herman Miles with CPD Bureau of Investigative Services.

Police also say take a look at the cash register to make sure things look normal so you will not walk into something and get hurt.

Police say these robberies happen at all times of the day, but especially in the early morning hours if you are headed to work or getting off from an overnight shift, just be careful and remain cautious.

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